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Stucco siding is a combination of water, sand, and cement, and dries to a tough, rock-like consistency that is rough or smooth, based on the finish you choose. Stucco is an age-old option that was utilized predominantly by the Greeks. It’s actually one of the most effective options we have today. It’s long-lasting, affordable, and versatile. You can alter the texture and color of your stucco or paint over it the moment it’s completed. Made from cement and plaster, it’s fire-resistant. Stucco lasts for many years before having to be replaced, and it is among the most cost-effective compared to other kinds of siding. Since some layers are added, it additionally plays a role in the insulation of your house.

In case stucco siding Sacramento is what you prefer, it’s vital that you hire experienced Sacramento siding contractors, like our experts at Stucco Contractors Sacramento, to handle your stucco repair, install, and options. Proper upkeep of stucco calls for frequent power washing to remove stains and watermarks which develop. Hairline cracks are going to form overtime because of shifts in the foundation and environmental factors. It’s necessary you get an expert patch the moment they’re seen before moisture and water is able to get on the wood and other building materials, causing more expensive issues.

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Stucco Contractors Sacramento offers a complete stucco installation service to customers around Sacramento, CA. From executing an extensive evaluation of your home to creating a realistic budget and finally setting up stucco walls, we’re going to take good care of any phase of your stucco Sacramento CA project.

We are dedicated to providing clients exceptional style and stucco installation services for their homes or businesses. Our service includes the application of high-quality surfaces, finishing, base coats, along with other items involving stucco siding. Available in an assortment of styles, we can allow you to select one that improves your property’s style. We only install top quality stucco items with warranty.

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Installing stucco over mesh will be the standard and the most common method of adding this siding material. It calls for using the previously mentioned concrete combination over a wire or wood lath. Standard stucco siding has typically an expansive, acrylic polymer finish, which is going to expand and contract with the weather condition. This will keep cracks to a minimum and also indicates the siding can readily last as much as fifty years prior to having to be changed.

There’s an innovative trend in stucco, called an Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems or EIFS. An acrylic polymer coat of styrofoam-based stucco is sprayed, and put on, upon a foundation of fiberglass mesh & foam board insulation. EIFS virtually never splits, and it provides your home additional insulation too. It’s a bit more expensive compared to the regular stucco finish, along with EIFS is much more vulnerable to high impacts, like hail or maybe woodpecker damage, than standard stucco siding Sacramento.

Due to the material and application, stucco is an amazing insulator of both cool and warm air. With stucco on the exterior, it’s easy and cheap to keep a constant temperature in your house, regardless of what the mercury reads outdoors. Its energy efficiency is among the primary factors why stucco is such a favorite siding option in areas of severe heat, like the American Southwest. Also, from a design perspective, you cannot match the look of a great stucco finish. The smooth, conventional, southwestern appearance of stucco as being a Sacramento siding material is difficult to beat. Add that to the reality that you can add coloring in your cement coats, along with artistic designs, murals, and mosaics into your stucco walls prior to the drying of cement—then stucco may effortlessly be converted into probably the most innovative and revolutionary Sacramento siding material available on the market. Call our siding contractors Sacramento today to get your hands on amazing stucco siding.

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